Ingrid Buxton (left)                           Jo Ann Burke (right)
         author of the website                      THE GOLDFISH GURU
Jo Ann's credentials
1960   Started on her family of 8 children
1962   University of Vermont
1976   Starting keeping fish
1986   Started importing and selling fancy Goldfish nationwide, continously -- present
1991   University of Florida graduate level coursework leading to certification in diagnosis
           and treatment of fish disease
1991   Diagnostician for local fish farmers in Alabama (catfish, talapia and grass carp)
           - present
1992   Advanced courseware in bacteriology at University of Florida
1994   Wrote Health Care Standards for Goldfish and Koi

Ingrid's credentials
1975  Zoology; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee B.A.
1979  Zoology/Microbiology; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee M.S.
1991  Microbiology (Minor: Genetics);  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis  Ph.D.
1993  to the present Professor; Department of Physics Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
          - the rest
1995  or so starting keeping koi, then goldfish
1996  Mon, 28 Oct 1996: was introduced to Jo Ann thru a mutual friend (online of course)
          went down to Alabama during next spring break (1997) for an intensive 1 week crash
          course in Goldfish disease, diagnosis and treatment