The typcial plants available for fish tanks have problems.  Goldfish eat them, they need high light levels and/or they start falling apart and clogging the filter intake tubes.  Then I heard that some terrestrial based plants did alright in a tank.  Not just rooted in the tank water but actually underwater.  So I decided to give it a try.


Planting dracena in a clay pot. 

First I cut a strip of polyester batting. 

Then I cleaned the roots of dirt and washed the leaves to get rid of pesticides. 

I roll the roots in the batting, jam it into the pot. The roots will grow into the batting.  Gradually the white polyester will fill with biobugs and turn dark brown.

The "forest" planted last week.     Note the roots that are developing. 
On the top I tied a large pothos to a suction cup.