Hikari Lionhead mini pellet (Sinking type)

Sho Koi "Impact" Immune Stimulating Fish Food with Aquagen (Floating)

Aquadine Ultra Duragold

TetraFin Five Star Formula
"According to the packet this is supposed to be a very concentrated food that you shouldnt feed as much of but my fish havent taken to it particularly well...they will eat it OK usually but when they arent very hungrey they just spit it out and arent very interested. It is pretty good when you soak it, doesnt go to peices, reasnoble big pellets to which is good for the bigger fish, and it hasent clouded my water yet when I feed it.  Christine"

Tetra Sundried Baby Shrimp

Tetra Colorfin Sinking Granules
"Supposedly this contains 6% spirulinamaxima algae....I love this food and I have had good luck with it.  My fish love this food and I feed it almost as a staple instead of flakes because flakes are bad....they love it, and it's not too high in protein so I can feed my other things such as the baby shrimp and the bloodworms.  matt"
"My fish love this food as well, so I always have some around.  I feed it along with the aquadine and biokyawa.  I have to say I never noticed it having much of an effect on their color (except my
calico which for a brief period started to turn orange!) but they sure seem to love the taste so I buy it for them. --Debra"

Wardley Tubifex Worms
"This food seems pretty high protein to me, so I only feed it maybe once a day....but my fish love it, they enjoy seeing who can get the biggest chunk off the side of the tank... matt"

Fish Gum Drops Floating Fish Food
"Fish love it . Karen"

Wardley Premium Algae Discs
"One thing I feed my goldfish and they love it is Algae Discs usually sold for algae eaters. I pop 1 or 2 in the tank before I go to bed, they are good for 12 hours. I like these because it encourages their natural grazing which to me sounds healthier for the fish. Usually takes them 1-2 hours to eat them depending on which tank they are in.  Karen"

TetraFin Goldfish Flakes (with vitamin C)
"I have been feeding this food as their staple diet and also feed them peas and worms which have been left overnight in coffee grounds and they are all thriving.  I used to feed them another flake food called "King British" but their colours started fading, so I switched. I soak this flake food for about 5 mins before I feed, otherwise some of my Orandas start floating about 20mins after feeding.