Color   markings type scales skin size  
white 1 Tancho regular ginrin scales large
white 2 none regular regular scales medium
white  3 Hikarimono regular shimmer leather medium
white 4 none regular regular scales small
white 5 Kohaku regular ginrin scales small
white 6 matsuba

gray cage

BF  regular  scales medium
white 7 Sanke BF regular scales v.small
black 8 gold spine BF regular scales large
black 9 none BF regular sclaes medium
black 10 white thumbprints BF regular scales small
black 11 orange BF regular scales small
black 12 dull orange BF regular scales small
black+orange 13 Hikarimoyo regular none leather medium
black+orange 14   BF ginrin scales medium
black+orange 15    BF regular   small 
silver 16 none regular ginrin scales medium
orange 17 Hikarimono? regular regular scales large
orange 18 Hikarimono? regular regular scales small
blue 1 19 Shusui regular regular leather large
blue 2 20 Shusui regular regular leather medim
blue 3 21 Shusui regular regular leather medium
blue 22 blue netted regular regular scales large
blue 23 blue netted regular regular scales medium
blue 24 Shusui? BF regular   leather  large
blue 25 red+black  regular metallic leather medium R.I.P. 5/2008
yellow 26 red flecks-ugly regular regular scales medium
shusui - bold line of navy scale on the back with a bright orange or red belly like the Asagi.
Asagi - back is covered in a net-like reticulated scale pattern of indigo, navy blue or pale blue.