The bottom of the baskets are 1/2" or so into the flowing water.  The constant water allows the plants to overgrow. Surprisingly, even some "dry" plants thrive with wet feet.  The Louisisana iris was shoved into one of the baskets. I get the baskets from Steins, HD and Menards.  The cyperus (papyrus) is either tied with the roots directly in the water or in small pots and the roots quickly move out.  The water celery is directly in the water.  The 2 lilies are in large closed pots filled with loam and topped with big flat hand sized river rocks and dressed with large pea gravel to keep the koi from digging in the mud. 
cyperus are small, pansies in a basket with lobelia and fuzzy green vine. on right the nummularia was tucked into a 
basket and produce long vines that reach the water.  the basket in the middle has white lobelia, geraniums and trailing 
verbena (I think).  in the left picture the plant on the right is a bit of water celery that takes over and crowds most of the 
basket flowers out. 
1 basket of aromatic petunias 2 water celery taking off 3iris is blooming 4 another basket of pansies with the 
nummularia taking off- 5 the ivy is coming on-the cyperus is dawdling 6 more celery  7 -the virbena is growing 8 cyperus 
and celery 9 the blue lobilia is taking over and more celery on the end
1 petunias are hanging on 2 water celery expanding 3 iris is doubling 4 ivy and nummularia growing 5 cyperus getting 
some height 6 wimpy taro 7 more cyperus 8 verbena still hanging on 9 celery taking over 10 basket vine is trailing down
the back of the fence
close up shots on 9-2-03 - the net is holding many of the vines and the celery up and out of the pond
10-31-2003  the pond is peaking and soon there will be a frost.  I drag the cyperus 
inside, the vines do well inside also. what I really want is the same setup in my 
basement so I can hide out from the snow and cold.