HoneyChild d'POM (1993-2008) , also a rescue at 2 years old, was "too big" for the BYB.  We got her for my mother. When my mother died HoneyChild came to live with us.  Honey had rotten teeth and developed congestive heart failure as a result.  She is one of the major reasons we put all the dogs on a raw meat diet.
HoneyChild and Charlie

Honey lived 3 years and 2 months after her hospitalization for congestive heart failure. She was given 6 mo-1 yr.  to live.  Her fur was like straw and she lost patches of fur afterwards on the "heart" diet kibble.  Two months later we changed her diet to whole raw fish since she is allergic to nearly everything else.  She had a thick, silky, full coat of fur until the day she died.