What might be seen in a drop of pond water
DIATOMS ARE a protist that has built a silica shell around itself for protection. They come in elongate and round forms.  AMOEBA are irregularly shaped and move by slowly flowing using psuedopodia

Daphnia move fast.  They are large and choice food for fish. 

Rotifer have cilia which sweep food into its mouth.

Euglena is actually an algae, but it has a long flagella and moves

Hydra form a symbiotic relationship with algae so they appear to be green. The have nematocysts on their arms which inject poison into other critters and paralyze them so they can haul them in and eat them. Daphnia are favorite prey
Paramecium have cilia and move in a rolling motion
Nematodes are like worms and very small. They move in a whip like fashion
Vorticella adhere to surfaces. They can contract their tails to pull themselves down.
???? Volvox
GREEN ALGAES Single celled
Filamentous Spirogyra algae
   Dr. Ingrid Buxton 3/99  pictures are from and more information found at http://biodidac.bio.uottawa.ca/index.htm