I can't decide between this one and the next one for the basement.  I want darker "grout" in any case.



Jotul:  Easy-to-operate, no electricity  required.   Themostatically controlled.   Direct Vent or Vent free. Natural Gas or LP.  BTU Range - Direct Vent 35,000 to 42,000  Clearance from wall:  Direct Vent (rear) 10"  Efficiency Direct Vent - 75% Steady  State. Vent Free - 99.9%

The bookcases go up for 3 stories.  The door in the middle is to/from the garage.  The door on the left are double patio doors or double sets doors, I haven't decided which yet.  The "V" between the doors is where the pond will go.

This is the overview.