1975          B.A.       Zoology;  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 1979          M.S.       Zoology/Microbiology;   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 1991          Ph.D.      Major: Microbiology (Minor: Genetics);  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis


Sep. 2011 - present            Instructor; Biology Department
                                       Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, WI

 Jul. 1993 -  Jun.  2011       Instructor; Department of Physics
                                       Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

 Jan. 1998 - Jan.1999      Instructor; Department of Biology
                                       Carroll College, Waukesha, WI

 Mar 1995 - Aug 1995     Instructor; Organization and Leadership Program
                                        Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

 Jan. 1993 - May 1993     Instructor; Department of Biology
                                        Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI

 Feb. 1991-Sep. 1992      Postdoctoral Fellow; Department of Microbiology
                                       Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

 Apr. 1983 -Mar. 1988     Predoctoral Fellow; Department of Microbiology
                                        University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

 Sep. 1981 - Mar. 1983    Research Assistant; Immunobiology Research Center
                                        University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

 Nov. 1980 - Nov. 1981    Research Scientist;
                                        Minnesota Veteran's Hospital, Minneapolis, MN

 Jan. 1980 - Jun. 1980    Instructor; Department of Biology
                                        University of Wisconsin-Marshfield

    1983-1988      DNA course work and labs, genetics minor (Ph.D.)
    1991-1992      Post-doctoral work in Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis using DNA methodology
    1995-1998      Forensic DNA Consultant:
                             Certified as DNA expert in Milwaukee County (1996)
                             Certified as DNA expert in Lake County, Ill.    (1997)
                             Forensic DNA Seminars:  Milwaukee Bar Association (Jul. 1995)
                                                                    Marquette Continuing Education (Nov. 1995)

Buxton, I.K. and C.V. Sommer. 1980. Serodiagnosis of Aspergillus fumigatus antibody in migratory ducks. Avian Disease 24:446-454.
Buxton, I.K. and C.V. Sommer. 1981. Serological reactivity of duck sera to three electrophoretically characterized extracts of Aspergillus.  Comp. Immun. Microbio. Infect.Dis. 4:65-74.
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 Beyond Sherlock Holmes: DNA Fingerprinting: Milwaukee Bar Association
 DNA Evidence from a Legal Perspective: Marquette University
 Computers and the Internet in Medical Practice: Wexton Professional Continuing  Education Seminars. 1998

Teaching Experience

Course instructor
  MAJOR CONCEPTS IN MODERN SCIENCE : Interdisciplinary science  Marquette University-Milwaukee
  MOLECULAR BASIS OF BIOLOGY   Marquette University-Milwaukee
  INTEGRATED SCIENCES    Alverno College,  Milwaukee
  MICROBIOLOGY  FOR NURSING STUDENTS University of Wisconsin-Marshfield

 Lab instructor
  HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY  Alverno College,  Milwaukee
  VIROLOGY      University of Minnesota, Mpls.
  MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY    University of Minnesota, Mpls.
  ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  ANIMAL BIOLOGY     University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  IMMUNOLOGY     University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee