MY OLD HOUSE  ~ 1880


front yard
SEPT 1999

Kousa, azaleas and 300 bulbs
are planted.


side yard
SEPT 1999
The side yard where I want to grow veggies in containers is a south facing wall! 
April 2000 and the fruit trees are in the 100 gallon rubbermaid planters.
           Spring 2000 bulb garden


Stunning combination

Sept. 2000
Everything in the planters has gone rampant. The tomatoes grew up onto the porch and spilled down the front steps. 


Closeups of the step planter and rose. The ageratum and vine spilled out of that. 

SEPT. 2000

Low growing juniper and dwarf spirea planted  in front.

View of hostas, rhoddies and Jack in the Pulpit from the porch

March 2000 planters are set, fruit trees planted.



View down the walk in July. 

Larkspur volunteers


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