It became obvious there was no insulation in the attic of the main house and there was something seriously wrong with the insulation in the addition. When winter came the butter in the cupboard was harder than the butter in the frig. There was a stiff wind coming out of various cupboards and even tho we used a number of cans of foam to seal the obvious wind tunnels the room was still ice cold even tho its two heating grates were belting out hot air.

The most important consideration was to stop the vertical movement of warm, moisture laden air up and out thru the attics.  Actually, once the attic floor and intrusion spaces were sealed the temperature in the kitchen increased dramatically and the wind stopped whistling BEFORE the cellulose insulation was blown in. 

A word about the cellulose. The fire retardant and anti-fungal is boric acid. Boric acid is widely used as a preservative in wood and has a long safe track record. I was told that other types of cellulose use acidic additives that can eat up metal like nails. Some of this is what is sold at local and big chain building supplies. 


The top of the wall between the 1 story addition and 2 story main house was open so cold air sank all the way into the basement and probably flowed into the dropped ceiling in the kitchen. Notice remnants of pink stuff. 


The first thing done was remove all the pink fiberglass and start with a clean slate. It was extremely dirty indicating a constant flow of air meaning it was useless as insulation. Yellow bags were filled with cellulose insulation,  pushed down into spaces and foamed into place. All large spaces were sealed this way. 

This is typical of the lack of sealing around pipes and other intrusions that were a chimney for the flow of warm air up and cold air down. 
The area around the pipe is foamed shut. 
More holes around pipes
More foam
The area is prepared for insulation
Styro foam sheets and foam are used.
The skylight is properly insulated and sealed
In many places the pink stuff wasnt even installed properly.
The access door is built, installed and sealed


Here is estimate for work