Click on picture for larger view steel standing seam OR
steel shake roof (are they really more difficult than regular shingles?)
The main house is a 1.5 story. It has no attic insulation. The addition is insulated.
I want dense pack cellulose insulation in the roof and down the sides if possible. 
The upper rooms are 8' high in middle. 

Ingrid Buxton 
2247 S. Aldrich Street
Milwaukee, WI 53207
main 1.5 story is 22' wide by 32.5' long
roof est. 14.4' x 32.5' 
entry porch is  6'x8'
straight eyebrows
T=1000sq ft

the addition in the back is 1 story
24'x16.5' roof est. is 11'x16.5' (@400sq ft) 
no gables, no valleys, 4'x4' skylight
22' X 32.5' 
DESCRIPTION local area costs Menards or Home Depot MATERIALS  LABOR 
tear off: 2 layers on main only, remove debris      
cellulose dense pack main - 3.4- 4 lbs/cu ft @25lbs ($4.44)    
cut off edges to plumb or sister 
install 8" fascia board (@100')
1x8x12' treated ($7.60)     
metal steel fascia (@150') that matches the roofing material
metal drip edge that matches the roofing material
8"x12' ($8) 
new gutters (@100') that matches the roofing material steel 16' ($17)    
OSB main roof only -1000 sq ft 4x8x3/4 T&G ($9.75)     
flashing (chimney new 8-02), skylight on addition 4'x4' may need new flashing? rubber boots or matching metal on standpipe ???    
30# felt (1400 square feet) 200sq ft ($15)     
roof membrane- 150 ft 3'x33' ($30)     
metal roof - standing seam  100 sq ft ($99 Menards)    
metal roof - shake       
Gauge, kind of metal, brand, guarantee.

How will my home, my neighbors home and vegetation be protected.

When can work start. How long will it take.

How will the roof be protected overnight.

Copy of liability insurance.