WIKI                                         WATER QUALITY AND ECOLOGY

Liquid water is the difference between frozen dead Mars, hot dead Venus and the vibrant, life filled Earth. Go to a site like and you will see that the video cameras (cams) are set around water holes because most wildlife will come to the water holes sooner or later.  Access to fresh water is essential for land based animals.  It is essential for human life as well.  Humans can only go a couple days without water but can go weeks without food.  Water is a commodity that has social, economic and political consequences.

In your wiki write/do the following.

Irrigation is an ancient human activity.  However, irrigation has its drawbacks, one of which is a process called salinization.
a. Find an example of an area of the world that is using irrigation AND experiencing salinization.  Describe what this is.
b. Find out what kind of soils are MORE LIKELY to become salinized.  Describe what is being done to reverse the problem or live with the problem.  In other words, describe the problem and then show how it is or has been "fixed".
c. Research and discuss whether or NOT the science supports the idea that a lack of water is going to be our first world wide resource crisis.
d. ILLUSTRATE this with pictures.

500 words minimum, 3 citations, NO MORE THAN 10% quotes.. zero quotes is better.  No plagiarism, no paraphrasing,  I want this in your own words.

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