WIKI                                                                  TECH

cut and paste the url into an email
The nature of your wikibook:

1. It must ENTIRELY be your own personal "work product".  That is, there is to be no copying of any other students work into your wikibooks.

2. Do NOT cut and paste the entire methods into the wiki. You may cut and paste the questions, for example, and then answer them. Use good common sense about what to paste. 

3. The more organized your wiki, the easier for me to read, the better  your grade. I will always want to see what is expected, but a few more pictures, a link to something related and interesting is a bonus for me and makes up for possible deficiencies (or just getting something wrong). Dont make the wiki too long though. I will warn you if it gets excessive. 

4. You may use outside sources, properly in quotation marks and cited.  Like this and the "cite" is linked to the source url. Here is an example.

"A wiki is a website that allows the easy [1] creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. [2][3]" cite 

5. Some of you are undoubtedly proficient at web pages already, but by the end of the semester all of you will be proficient in putting together mixed media wiki websites that combine writing, pictures, video links (like from youtube), etc.  Right now this is for this class, but when you are done I hope you will find 1001 uses for what you have learned. 

1. Get on the internet.  Create your own wiki by clicking HERE.  You will then see this page below:
FILL IN A USER NAME AND PASSWORD, then write it down somewhere (1 and 2)

Add your email address (3)

Make SURE that "make a wiki?" is checked YES (4)

If possible, use your LAST name and first initial as your wiki name (5)

Make SURE that "higher education" is chosen from the drop down menu (6)

Click on "I certify this wiki will be used for higher education." (7) 

Be SURE that "basic wiki" is selected (8)

CLICK "join"  (9)



THE "INVITE PEOPLE" insert comes up.  Type my email address and then click on send. Now I will have access to look at your wikis and grade them. 


To work on a page, click the edit button. 
NOTE: In order to edit your wiki, YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR WIKI. 


Highlight everything, click delete and the page will now be blank. 


To insert a pictures, CLICK on the "insert images and files" like above.  An insert comes up. CLICK on "upload files" and you will be taken to your own computer. 


CLICK or double click on drives


CLICK or double click on the drive where your pictures are.


CLICK OR double click on the file that contains the picture you want. Then double click on the picture and it will load up to the "images file". 


The picture will load up. Then double click to insert it into the page you are on.

If you want to insert an "external" image (one that is already on the internet) you must go to the page with the picture, right click and select "view image" and only when you have JUST the picture on the page, highting and copy the url ENDING with a .jpg or whatever. Then go back to the wiki, paste the url into the little box next to "load" and click "load". 


A menu comes up lets the picture be sized, captioned, aligned, linked, etc.  Then click on save to save it on that wiki page. 


To add pages on the list to the right CLICK on the "+" sign next to "pages and files"


An insert comes up that asks for the page name.  Always start with "wiki-" and then add the descriptor for that wiki, like redox, pH, soil, light, etc. CLICK on create. 

When you are done with your page, I will take a look and leave your grade and a comment in the "discussion post". If there is a "0" I havent graded it yet. 

Whenever you see a blue background it indicates some kind of items, questions, pictures etc material that will be put into your wikipage. 

1. Take a picture of yourself or use an existing picture. 


Crop it so that all that shows is your face and it is about 100 x 100 pixels wide.  If the image is flipped right to left you will need to figure out how to flip it back on your computer. 

Then under the picture put:

Your name and nickname
Your major 
Your hometown
A website you would highly recommend
Your latest/favorite hardware or software technology
Your Skype name
Anything else you feel like sharing like a picture of your pet(s) or hobbies
I would not include your phone number, address or email address since wikis are pretty public. 

2. Do a series of 3 pictures like seen below:

1. The first one will be the big, normal size. Right click and select "properties" and under the picture give the KB and pixel size. 
2. The second one will be cropped to be smaller. Right click and select "properties" and under the picture give the KB and pixel size. 
3. The third one will be COMPRESSED to really reduce the KB.  Right click and select "properties" and under the picture give the KB and pixel size. 


Your wikis have space limits and a per page limit as well.  Some people have had problems with loading things up to their wiki and the problem is almost always the size of the picture.  You can find how much space you have left by going to "manage wiki" and then scroll down to "tools" and then click on "space usage". 

BTW, if you have a problem with your wiki their email help [] is excellent.

Here are some tips on cutting down the size of pictures.

1. Digital photo equipment generally can be set to different modes. Chose web or email because those will be smaller files. 

2. Crop the photo.  Below is a large, 960 x 1280 pixel picture that takes up 291 KB.  Below it is the cropped picture, 880 x 745, 270 KB.

3. Resize or resample the picture down to 300 pixels wide or so. 

4. Compress pictures by 10-25%. This is done using graphic software on your computer or even online. 

Here is good site talks about how to reduce picture size and software.  Click HERE

WAY too big, not centered (this is Elvira from the "Tails of the Evil Elvira")

#2.... resized to 300 pixels wide, 49KB
#3.....the size is the same, but compressed by 20% is now 12KB

NOTICE THAT THE LAST TWO PICTURES ARE THE SAME PIXEL SIZE, but the kb is reduced by compression.