WIKI                                          DNA

this exercise you will extract DNA from wheat germ
This is easily the most non-toxic and easiest method for extracting DNA I have every seen. 
Raw wheat germ (in plastic baggy)
Liquid detergent.. The following have been tested and work: Lemon Fresh Joy, Ivory, Tide, Sunlight Dish Soap, Dawn. 
70% isopropyl alcohol ("Rubbing alcohol") or 95% ethyl alcohol. 
50-60° Celsius tap water, glass tube (or shot glass, yours).  Measuring spoons, or other measuring devices.  Metal innoculating loop for collecting freed DNA.  

1. Place 1 teaspoon of raw wheat germ in a glass test tube, OR, a shot glass.  

2. Add 20 ml or 1 tablespoon of hot (50-60 °C) tap water and mix constantly for 3 minutes.

3. Add 1 ml or a scant 1/4 teaspoon of detergent and mix gently ONCE every minute for 5 minutes. Try not to create foam.

4. Use an eyedropper, pipette, or piece of paper towel to remove any foam from the top of the solution.

5. Tilt the test tube, beaker or jar at an angle. SLOWLY pour alcohol down the side so that it forms a layer on top of the water/wheat germ/detergent solution (15-20 ml). Do not mix the two layers together. DNA precipitates at the water-alcohol interface (the boundary between the water and the alcohol). Therefore, it is crucial to pour the alcohol very slowly so that it forms a layer on top of the water solution. If the alcohol mixes with the water, it will become too dilute and the DNA will not precipitate.

6. Let the test tube, beaker or jar sit for a few minutes. White, stringy, filmy DNA will begin to appear where the water and alcohol meet. You will usually see DNA precipitating from the solution at the water-alcohol interface as soon as you pour in the alcohol. If you let the preparation sit for 15 minutes or so, the DNA will float to the top of the alcohol.

You can usually get more DNA to precipitate from the solution by using one of the DNA collecting tools (such as a glass or paper clip hook) to gently lift the water solution up into the alcohol. This allows more DNA to come in contact with the alcohol and precipitate. You may find it helpful to pour the water/detergent solution into a clean test tube, leaving behind the wheat germ, before adding the alcohol.

7. Use a metal innoculating loop to collect the DNA.

8. Use your finger to feel the slipperiness of DNA. 

9. Residue can be dumped down the drain. Clean tubes and pipetter before returning to kit. 

How to pour the alcohol into the mash                                           The white substance at the top is the DNA

Take a picture of your DNA extraction for your wikibook. 
In the document under the picture label the picture "DNA extraction from wheat germ". 
In addition, go online and find 3 different ways to PROVE that the substance you extracted is actually DNA, something that will stain the DNA. Write a short summary of the methods and indicate if any are non-toxic. All this goes into your document labeled "DNA".  As usual this is an individual work product, do not share what you write with anyone, do not plagiarize from online sources.