1. The charged particles of an atom are:
a. neutrons and electrons
b. neutrons and protons
c. protons and electrons

2. What is unique about each atom of a given element is:
a. the number of electrons
b. the number of neutrons
c. the number of protons

3. Draw/diagram an atom and label the parts.

4.Which phase is most easily compressed by pressure
a. gas
b. liquid
c. solid

5. When steam/vapor is condensed back into water it gives off or releases
a. 1 cal per gram water
b. 79.7 cal per gram water
c. 539 cal per gram of water

6. The transition from vapor to liquid called?


8. The reason a gecko can climb walls or glass
a. covalent
b. hydrogen
c. ionic
d. van der Waals

9. Which bond(s) is due to electrostatic attraction?
A. covalent
B. hydrogen and ionic
C. ionic
D. van der waals

10. When silver is cleaned using baking soda and aluminum, what kind of a reaction is this?
a.  acid-base reactions
b.  polymerization reactions
c.  precipitation reactions
d.  redox reactions

e.c. Which is an inherent and fundamental property of atoms?
a. matter
b. weight
c. mass