BIO 105 LECTURE QUIZ 5                NAME –>

1. Which RNA is the "machinery" on which proteins are made?
a. mRNA
b. rRNA
c. tRNA

2. Which RNA is a globular enzyme?
a. mRNA
b. rRNA
c. tRNA

3. Which RNA has a stem and loop structure?
a. mRNA
b. rRNA
c. tRNA

4. Which is stabilized by proteins
a. mRNA
b. rRNA
c. tRNA

5. Which is stabilized by hydrogen bonds making double stranded RNA
a. mRNA
b. rRNA
c. tRNA
d. all of the above

6. RNA transcription begins
a. with an RNA primer
b. at a TATA box
c. with the codon AUG

7. Which is the “message” RNA?
a. mRNA
b. rRNA
c. tRNA

8. Which of the following bond with each other and why?
A = adenine
C = cytosine
G = guanine
T = thymine

9. What is the function of DNA?

10. Label these building blocks of DNA.


LECTURE QUIZ 6     Print name clearly –>
STEP 1______________________

STEP 2______________________









word bank: amino acid(s), DNA, mRNA, nuclear membrane, protein translation, protein(s), RNA polymerase, RNA transcription, rRNA


LECTURE QUIZ 7                                   PRINT NAME CLEARLY –>

1. What you “see” refers to phenotype.  True or False?

2. Random assortment only occurs during mitosis. True or False?

3. Enzymes are organic catalysts. True or False?
4. An alternative form of a gene that is located at a specific position on a specific chromosome is called what?

5.  The word that means “A pair of chromosomes where one chromosome is derived from the father and the other from the mother.” ?
6. Which enzyme in DNA replication is responsible for unwinding and melting the double strands?
7.  Which demonstrates co-dominance
a.  blue vs brown eyes
b.  ABO blood group
c.  red X white = pink flowers
8.  Which demonstrates incomplete dominance
a.  blue vs brown eyes
b.  ABO blood group
c.  red X white = pink flowers

9. Which is the small piece of RNA necessary for DNA replication?
a. DNA polymerase
b. Helicase
c. Ligase
d. Primase
e. Topoisomerase

10.  Using blue (b) and brown (B) eye color, show a Punnett square of the cross of bb x Bb.

E.C. Explain why hemophilia is usually seen in boys.

LECTURE QUIZ 8                                            PRINT NAME CLEARLY –>

1.  Recombinant DNA means:
a.  Exchange within the same species or between species
b.  From plants or animals to bacteria
c.  From plants to animals
d.  All of the above

2. Restriction enzymes
a. melt and anneal DNA
b. reproducibly cut DNA at specific sites
c. splice DNA into vectors

3.  A plasmid is
a. the genome of bacteria
b. an extrachromosomal piece of DNA in some bacteria
c. an extrachromosomal piece of RNA in some bacteria

4. Which of the following clone naturally
a. bacteria
b. some plants
c. humans
d. a and b

5. Human insulin was produced in bacteria by recombinant DNA techniques. True or false?

6. The collagen of dinosaurs was sequenced. What is collagen?
a. carbohydrates
b. DNA
c. proteins
d. RNA

7. Dinosaurs were found to be closely related to which living animal?

8. Monsanto’s Bt corn is an example of recombinant technology for what purpose?
a.  change a gene
b.  add a gene
c.  silence or inactivate a gene

9. When an adult pig is cloned this is called?
a. natural cloning
b. artificial cloning
c. somatic cell cloning
d. embryonic cell cloning

10. Which part of a plant is generally used to clone?
a. growing tip of the stem
b. leaf
c. root tip
d. flower

E.C. name a vector used in recombinant DNA

LECTURE QUIZ 9                                                         NAME–>

1. In the movie “Harvest of Fear” what does GMO stand for?

2. Which statement is NOT true
a. scientists cannot prove that a GMO food is safe
b. scientist can prove that a GMO food is safe
c. scientists cannot prove an absence of harm

3.  Which is NOT TRUE of corn contained the cloned Bt gene
a. the product of the gene is in all cells in the corn
b. the product is deadly for all caterpillars including butterflies
c. corn containing the recombinant gene is properly labeled on food sold in the United States

4.  A viral gene that protects papaya against Ringspot was cloned into the papaya USING
a. a plasmid
b. DNA coated tungsten beads
c. a virus

5. One argument against the use of cloned Bt in the corn
a. Because it is present in the corn all the time corn borers will become resistant more quickly
b. By using the cloned Bt gene now, organic farmers will not have this effective organic pesticide in the future
c. the pollen of the corn containing Bt can drift and contaminate organic corn crops
d. all of the above are good arguments against cloned Bt

6. Somebody says “all these years GMO foods have been consumed by people and nobody has had as much as a headache”.  This statement:
a. is true
b. is deceptive because nobody knows they are eating GMO foods at the time they get sick
c. is an unbiased statement of the facts

7.  Nobel prize winning Borlaug of the “green revolution” is a proponent of:
a. organic farming
b. sustainable agriculture
c. agrochemicals and GMOs

8.  GMO foods are necessary because there isnt enough food to feed everyone? True or False

9.  Foods that are ideal for building strong brains, immune systems and bodies are:
a. starches like in sweet potatoes
b. proteins like fish
c. wheat

10.  Which of the following people have the least apparent bias
a. Monsanto
b. organic farmers
c. farmers who use GMOs
d. scientist from the Union of Concerned Scientists
e. Scientist funded to develop GMOs