Here area what other science teachers say:

Jackson Community College

How to Study for Science Classes

Here is even a power point

How to Study Science: Some Suggestions and the Psychological Reasons for Them


THE TEACHER  I am almost always available by phone and email. I am here before class, I will certainly stay after class to talk with anyone who isnt "catching" something.

THE INTERNET  As you can see above, I did not need to reinvent the wheel answering the question "how to study science".  There are hundreds of teachers who have "gone before" and taken their time to sit down and write up useful guides. The same is true of science in general. I heavily rely on the work others have done putting up websites for all aspects of science.  What I do is pick and choose what I am including in my online "textbook".  My "timeline" does not follow a typical "integrated" science course.

Here are free "wikibooks"

Here, for example, is Earth science which we are studying.

Now my online lectures are in "note" form with pictures, they are not nice "prose". This is because they are just a supplment to my lectures.  And I do not go into a great deal of detail on most topics, there just isnt time. Most textbooks DO go into a lot of detail.  I am not going to ask questions based on much of the detail typically found in textbooks either. I am looking for a understanding of a limited amount of  vocabulary and a broad understandig of ideas.

A few words about ACTIVE vs passive learning.